Monday, August 27, 2007

Great post on dramaturgy

Isaac Butler has a great post about dramaturgy here. I'll try and come up with a timely response. But don't you wait: there's a lively string developing over there.

NOTE: My apologies to Isaac for mis-identifiying the author of Parabasis. I have a terrible habit of just finding the first name appearing on the site and assuming that's the author. This was almost as embarrasing as the time I called Tony Adams Jay Raskolnikov


parabasis said...

Hey Aaron,

Just a quick note to say that David Cote writes the blog "Histriomastix". I (Isaac Butler, I'm a freelance director) write the blog "Parabasis".


David said...

Isaac, you'll have to add another day of hair blogging into the mix.

Sorry, Aaron... I just took NTFD in a totally wrong direction.