Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What NTFD Is Not

We ask that you follow a few guidelines when considering a posting to NTFD.

  • No Promotions. While writers should feel free to reference ongoing or upcoming productions, NTFD is not the place to advertise your upcoming show. When you discuss a production, please provide a link to show times and location. Do not include that information in the body of your post.

  • No Reviews. We hope that currently running productions will inspire new reflections on dramatic structure. When writing about a current production, please remember that the focus is exploration, not consumer oriented criticism. Questioning if a particular dramatic element worked is appropriate. Giving that approach three stars is not.

  • No ad hominem responses. NTFD is a forum for expressing ideas about dramatic criticism. Some of us feel quite strongly about certain approaches. If someone contradicts your idea, please to do not respond by questioning that individual's worth as a person or a playwright. Attack ideas, not each other.
These guidelines apply to comments as well. NTFD will remove any posts or comments that do not follow these guidelines.

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