Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What NTFD Is

NTFD is a community discussion about the theory and practice of playwriting. Theories of dramatic structure are not solely the realm of ivory tower academics. Practicing writers are constantly refining their understanding of dramatic concepts. In many cases, these writers are creating their own terminology to explain how their work functions. NTFD is an attempt to document these theories in process. NTFD also serves as a platform for lively collaboration.

NTFD is an attempt to create a new collective poetics.

Invited contributors write short essays exploring the dramatic terminology or theory of their choice. Essays may be inspired by the playwright's own work or recently seen productions. Anyone can comment on the essays. NTFD asks that the comments be kept to less than 250 words. If a particular essay inspires a longer answer, the reader is invited to contact NTFD to be added as a contributor and post a response in the form of their own essay.

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